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Our customers tell us that Green Pastures wheatgrass is the best tasting, most potent, and highest quality they have ever had - from coast to coast.

We ship our wheatgrass in one pound stay fresh bags, within 24 hours of your paid order (see Shipping below).

  We also offer what are perhaps the finest Sunflower Greens available. These greens have a wonderful nutty, crunchy taste, and can be eaten just as they are for a great healthy snack, or used on sandwiches, soups or salads. They are sold in one pound stay-fresh bags.


We will ship your paid order within 24 hours whenever possible. Because we ship our wheatgrass and greens via Airborne Express, (or FedEx or UPS next day air if your area is not serviced by Airborne) we can only ship on Monday through Thursday.

We will cut your wheatgrass and/or greens early in the morning, put them immediately into our 34 degree cooler to put a good chill on them, then pack them into CFC-free thermo coolers with chem freeze packs which are bagged and wrapped, so the wheatgrass doesn't come in contact with any frozen material, but keeps the wheatgrass nice and fresh for their journey to your door.

When you receive your package, please put the wheatgrass into a cold (34 to 39 degree) refrigerator to keep it fresh. The average shelf life of grass kept this way is 7 to 10 days.

Fresh Wheat Grass has many "live enzymes" to aid in the digestion and metabolization of foods 

Wheat Grass is high in protein and contains all 8 essential Amino Acids 

Wheat Grass Juice makes an exceptional vegetable wash for detoxifying sprays and contaminants on produce that is not organically grown 

Chlorophyll has been shown to be effective against radiation poisoning 

As a respiratory pigment Chlorophyll is closely related to the Hemoglobin in blood 

Wheat Grass juice purifies the blood 

Wheat Grass juice can be a wonderful skin cleanser. Pour it in your bath for a refreshing soak 

Wheat Grass juice makes an excellent mouthwash, invigorating the gums and drawing out toxins 

Wheat Grass implants used in conjunction with enemas are great for cleansing and toning the colon. Implants are absorbed more directly and help to cleanse the internal organs 

A study at the University of California, San Diego showed Wheat Grass and Barley Grass Juices to contain an enzyme named P4D1 which had the ability to repair faulty DNA under certain conditions.

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